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Melanie Kos-Paula was born in Curaçao in 1969. At the age of 18 she moved to the United States where she majored in ‘Human Development’ and earned her Bachelors Degree. Beginning 1991 she fulfilled several functions in Curaçao as well as in Holland, among other things giving ‘social skills’ training to the youth and female (ex) prisoners and providing aid for refugees. She also offered counseling and courses for parents, teachers and children in an effort to help restore disrupted relationships between them. Melanie is a certified Life coach and the creator of ‘I Thrive in Life’. It is her passion to help people all over the world discover and live from their authentic self, let go of programmed limiting beliefs and reclaim their joy in life. In so doing they are able to fulfill their value, identity, purpose and destiny based on the stable and unchanging principles of the Kingdom of God. 
My Husband, My Lord, My All
My Husband, My Lord, My All
My Husband, My Lord, My All
My Husband, My Lord, My All

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