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After Charles Ruffolo met his future Dutch wife, Herma, the American military man exchanged his residence in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for the Netherlands. During his 20-year military career, he served as a sergeant-major. As a professional networker, he took his first steps in the business world. He personally developed networking into a true science and turned his own professional network into a successful company. In addition to his work as a professional networker, he provides training in networking to groups and companies. Due to his specialized knowledge in networking, one of the oldest professions in the world, and his contagious enthusiasm, he is a highly sought-after keynote speaker. Ruffolo has demonstrated that professional networking is a daily necessity, where internet technology also plays a clear role through the establishment of The Network Clubs, which have thousands of members worldwide. Ruffolo's philosophy on networking is that it is a process of give and take with individuals with whom you have a direct or indirect relationship. Mutual interests support this process, and the key to success lies in finding a common ground. Networking enables you to go directly from A to Z and skip the usual path from B to Y.
Het gaat over het opbouwen van relaties door middel van netwerken
Het gaat over het opbouwen van relaties door middel van netwerken
Het gaat over het opbouwen van relaties door middel van netwerken
Het gaat over het opbouwen van relaties door middel van netwerken

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