Welcome to the world of Galilee

Our mission

At Galilee, we believe in the transformative power of stories. Our mission is to share exceptional narratives that inspire change and touch the souls of people on an individual level. By transforming lives through storytelling, we strive to contribute to a more human-friendly world for this generation and the generations to come, stewarding a better future through the power of storytelling.

'Because everyone has a story to share, ... what is yours?'

The Founders

In 1998, John and Shakila Olsen stood at a crossroads in their lives. Inspired by their shared belief in the transformative power of stories, they felt a deep calling to empower others to discover, develop, and live their true purpose. This shared vision sparked the creation of their first venture: a magazine aimed at equipping readers with the tools and inspiration needed to unlock their potential.

What we do at Galilee

At Galilee, we seamlessly blend traditional and modern media to create and distribute impactful content. Starting with conventional book publishing, we have expanded into innovative digital content creation. Our offerings include music production, dynamic conferences, and vibrant festivals that inspire and connect. Additionally, we provide comprehensive educational materials and programs designed to empower individuals and communities. Through these diverse platforms, we strive to foster growth, inspiration, and meaningful connections worldwide.

Where we Operate

At Galilee, we operate globally, reaching every corner of the world through a diverse array of business and media platforms. From traditional book publishing to cutting-edge digital content, we excel in creating and distributing powerful narratives that inspire and connect. Our worldwide presence extends to music production, international conferences, and vibrant festivals, all designed to engage and empower. We also offer comprehensive educational materials and programs, ensuring our impact is felt across all levels of society. Galilee is committed to transforming lives and fostering global connections through the art of storytelling.

Work with Us

At Galilee, we believe in the power of collaboration to transform lives. Discover how we can join in partnership to create impactful stories and events. Whether you are an author eager to publish your manuscript, a storyteller ready to share your unique experiences, or a support organization developing concepts for seminars and conferences, we want to work with you. We also welcome partnerships for engaging festivals and other media-oriented productions. Together, we can inspire and connect people across the globe. Join us in our mission to empower and make a difference—reach out and let's make your vision a reality with Galilee.