Our Committed Journey

At Galilee, we believe that sustainability is a journey that takes long term commitment and humility. The humility to pay as much attention to what we have already achieved, as to what remains to be done. A journey made possible by engaging everyone. A journey that requires all of us to question everything we do and how we do it, to constantly improve and go further. That’s the journey we are on since 1969.

"We Are Committed Stewards Dedicated to Preserving Creation's Resources and Making a Positive Impact on Society"

Our Commitments

From convictions to actions. Enacted in 2020, Galilee's sustainable development roadmap "Our Committed Journey" establishes ambitious and quantified objectives to be reached by 2025. Subsequently, we have been launching a wide range of initiatives around the world, in order to continuously optimize the environmental and social footprint of our activities.

Sourcing Responsibility

Fostering Discipleship

Acting on a Changing World

Supporting Local Communities

Committing to Circular Creativity

Nurishing Knowledge & Wisdom

Latest news

Galilee and People&Society

As part of Our Committed Journey, in 2024 Galilee joins forces with the social welfare organization People&Society in a partnership aimed at enhancing and preserving the 'quality of life' within our community and across the planet. Discover
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