My Husband, My Lord, My All

Melanie Kos-Paula

Life takes us through many unexpected and unpleasant moments, even as Christians! For example, in the Bible God says: "I hate divorce" (Malachi 2: 16). Still, we see this happening all around us. Maybe you also went through this or you may have found yourself having to deal with rape, abuse, sickness, depression or the loss of a loved one. How is all this possible? Where is God in moments like these and is He really that faithful to His word? Yes, He is! Based on fragments from her diary the author describes some moving events from her childhood to maturity. This book will lead you through pleasant as well as painful experiences and a process of inner healing. All these experiences ultimately made Melanie Kos Paula get to know her God as true Husband and the One who came to mean everything to her!