About Galilee Ventures

We’re off the page and on an adventure.

Galilee Ventures is the licensing and consumer products division of Galilee Inc. We manage and exploit our portfolio of iconic literary brands and characters: Scrooge, Henoch, Uncle, Wutering Heighs and more, across product, experience and digital. We find new ways to tell the world's favourite stories by creating strategic partnerships in licensing, retail, promotions, experiential, theatrical, exhibitions; in location-based experiences; and across the digital landscape.

For more information get in touch at galilee.ventures@galilee.com

What we can offer:

  • Full service agency: sales, contracts, royalties and reporting
  • Brand management of both classic and emerging properties
  • Long-term brand investment and support
  • Consolidated brand activity across publishing and consumer products
  • Global and diverse network of international licensing agents and consultants
  • Cross-promotion opportunities with our commercial and promotional partners
  • Expert exhibition curation and extensive archives with original content and material

We work with best in class licensing partners across all categories to ensure our brands are represented by quality, innovation and design-led product development.

We are proud of our strong relationships with retailers, ensuring continued visibility for our brands through instore positioning and cross category promotions.

We work collaboratively with brilliant and diverse partners to find innovative ways of bringing our brands to new audiences.

We produce immersive and exciting experiences, allowing our characters and stories to leap off the page creating special memories for generations of fans.

We work with global production companies to bring our stories to life through the magic of live theatre and music.

Our movie and media production company specializes in creating captivating content that resonates with audiences. From compelling films to engaging digital media, we bring stories to life with creativity, expertise, and a commitment to excellence.

We meticulously organize in-depth conferences and seminars, covering diverse topics to provide profound insights and invaluable networking opportunities. Renowned speakers share expertise, fostering collaboration. With a commitment to excellence, we ensure every aspect of our events delivers an enriching experience for attendees.

We own an extensive collection of original artwork, from MinistryHouse., John Olsen and GalileeMedia.  We work with international galleries and museums to showcase these national treasures, offering continued public access and education around the history of our brands.

Each of our brands is represented across dedicated digital and social platforms. Our website and social media teams create exciting, relevant content to ensure that the audience for each brand remains engaged and entertained.

Our event and festival production team specializes in crafting unforgettable experiences that captivate audiences. From large-scale festivals to intimate gatherings, we bring creativity and expertise to every occasion, ensuring each event is a memorable success.