About Us

Our mission

Galilee Publishing is a prominent trade publisher specializing in fiction, nonfiction, Christian, academic, and children’s books. Our mission is to empower exceptional storytellers and forge connections with readers worldwide. Operating across digital, print, and audio formats, we proudly showcase emerging, bestselling, and critically-acclaimed authors. Driven by a commitment to innovation and a profound passion for books, Galilee seamlessly merges technology and art to bolster our authors and propel their narratives towards impactful change on a global scale.

Company history

Galilee and MinistryHouse joined forces in 2004 to establish the world's innovative and foremost digital book publishing company. We embody two distinguished publishing legacies characterized by unparalleled success and innovation.

Our pride extends to our heritage and a track record that spans over 30 years. The roots of our oldest continuous imprint, Charima Media, can be traced back to 1994. The blueprint laid by our founders continues to shape our present-day operations, emphasizing the values of championing creativity, fostering inclusion, nurturing entrepreneurship, and promoting collaboration.

Where we come from

Founded in 1998 in a church office by John and Shakila Olsen, Galilee published its inaugural magazine, Press magazine, four years later. Rapidly becoming a trusted source for Christian content, Galilee remains committed to producing transformative and inspirational material. Guided by the motto "Everybody has a story to share!", John & Shakila embody a passion to change the world, believing in the transformative power of life stories. Galilee's business strategy centers on stories with the potential to impact and transform the world, one narrative at a time.

Innovative Futures

We have pioneered change in the publishing industry by eliminating the need for a degree to join our ranks. As trailblazers, we were the first to introduce paid work experience, and our ongoing efforts focus on promoting inclusivity in our industry. We are committed to ensuring our company and the books we publish reflect the diversity of the society we represent.

Today, we maintain our industry leadership. In a dynamic market, we redefine the role of a publisher by collaborating with talent across the creative spectrum, from screen production companies to A-list audiobook narrators. Our goal is to connect with more readers than ever before, both within and beyond the traditional realms of a book.