“Captivating, gripping & intriguing.”

Joseph Oubelkas is the author of the book “400 Letters from My Mother. A story about an unthinkable nightmare: innocent in prison….

Joseph has appeared on Pauw & Witteman, Het Familieportret (RTL4), RTL4 Koffietijd and SBS6, among others; can be heard on the radio at the NOS News, Frits Spits and Spijkers met koppen; and he has appeared in many magazines (including Libelle, HP/De Tijd, Men’s Health, Grazia and LINDA).

‘400 letters from my mother’ is the true story of Joseph who embarks on a business trip to Morocco at the age of 24 and is sentenced there, without evidence or investigation, to ten years in prison for something he did not do. Despite the errors in the sentence and the Dutch Foreign Ministry’s conclusion that no evidence points toward Joseph, the years of unjust imprisonment begin for him.

Since his release in 2009, Joseph captivatingly shares about the harsh life in (various Moroccan) prisons, and how he has learned to turn his anger and frustration into something constructive and positive. During his performance, Joseph very intriguingly recounts his events, his friendships with prisoners and jailers, and his will to survive. Wherever Joseph goes, his audience is captivated from the first minute to the last.

A performance by Joseph Oubelkas is far from an ordinary lecture. It is a lecture that captivates and fascinates; a lecture you must experience. As a speaker, Joseph regularly gives sessions for the business world, among others, in which ‘inspire’ and ‘motivate’ are the key words. Joseph uses his experiences to zoom in on mental survival skills and how essential that is for entrepreneurship, but also for many other aspects of life.

How do you deal with difficult situations, how do you make the best of them, where do you put your focus? Themes such as ‘Leadership’, ‘Dealing with Change’, ‘Dealing with Adversity’ are covered. You learn to put things into perspective and will conclude that you always have a choice!


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