We currently accept unsolicited book proposals for the following imprints only:

  • Galilee Publications books aim to be good, engaging reads that encourage deep reflection, inspire action. and call for a response. The goal for books in this imprint is to be part of the conversation, to engage readers, and to explore from historically orthodox Christian commitments the really tough questions people face today. Topics for such books include leadership, society, the intersection of faith and culture, and biblical and theological perspectives on contemporary issues. The authors of such books are expected to have demonstrable expertise on the subject being addressed.
  • Galilee Academic books seek to show the breadth and diversity—both theologically and globally—of Christianity in its broadly evangelical expression. College and academic textbooks, commentaries, reference books, and scholarly monographs in the biblical, theological, and related disciplines are included in this imprint.

Please include the appropriate imprint—Galilee Publications or Galilee Academic—in the subject line when submitting your proposal to submissions@galilee.com or submit your proposal online by completing the following form.

Your proposal must include:

  • A brief description of the proposed book
  • The unique contribution of the book and why you feel it must be published
  • The table of contents, including a two or three sentence description of each chapter
  • Your intended reader
  • Your curriculum vita including your qualifications to write the book

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    The final proposal should be 99,99% editorial proof. If we are interested, we will respond within six weeks. Otherwise, you should assume that the proposal does not work for us.

    All other unsolicited submissions including political and religious extremism, explicit/x-rated content or illustrations are not accepted by Galilee.

    Thank you for your interest in publishing with Galilee.

    An overview of the publishing process:

    1. Submission: Once you’ve submitted your book proposal, sample material, and CV to a Galilee editor, your editor will contact you to discuss it.
    2. Peer Review: Your editor will send your proposal and accompanying material to qualified scholars in your field of research for peer review.
    3. Author Response: When the review is complete, your editor will send it to you and invite a formal response from you.
    4. Board Approval: With the original proposal, sample material, review, and response in hand, your editor will present the book to our Editorial Board for approval to publish.
    5. Contract: You will receive an offer letter followed by a contract with an agreed upon delivery date of your final manuscript. After signing the contract, your editorial contact will send you more information about preparing your work for publication and our Manuscript Guidelines or Textbook Manuscript Guidelines.
    6. Production: Deliver your final manuscript along with supplementary rights and permissions forms and your book will be handed over to the production department for cover design, copyediting, proofreading, and binding.
    7. Publication: Your book is brought to the world in print and eBook format!
    8. After Publication: For more information on the tools and features available to authors post-publication, please find our Author Services page.

    You can also visit the MyGalilee page for more information on our Book Tracking tool that allows authors to monitor their publication through the various production stages.

    Our editors are here to provide support and guidance throughout the publishing process. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

    Authors - Why Publish with Galilee?

    We offer authors sophisticated and global marketing and distribution alongside an attentive and personal editorial experience.

    From award-winning research to major reference works, our experienced team of editors in Amsterdam, London, New York, Shanghai, Singapore and New Delhi will work closely with you on a plan tailored to suit your work. What you can expect from us:

    Words are powerful. They can build up or they can tear down. They can bring joy or they can bring pain. ... Words can motivate and inspire us, and even help us identify who we are. it’s a living, breathing channel of storytelling. Words bring live!

    1. Editorial Excellence – Now part of Galilee’s program has an unbroken tradition of 40 years of independent academic publishing. New authors will join a rich publishing heritage, impactful program of research, and a stable of top-notch academic authors.
    2. Commitment to quality and peer review – Above all, we care deeply about the quality of our publishing. Rigorous peer review is vital to this. We will support you with a thorough but fast and responsive peer review process.
    3. Open access – We are also pleased to offer authors the option to publish their books and chapters Open Access. You can download our comprehensive guide to publishing open access books and chapters.
    4. Innovative tools and platforms – We are always thinking about how best to support our authors as publishing incentives, platforms and formats continue to change. GalileeLink, our eBook platform, allows us to make all our books accessible on any device, track impact through usage statistics, and give authors the tools to make the best of their research.
    5. Engaged approach to academia – Galilee offers strategic support to early career researchers and mid-career scholars, as well as targeted campaigns in support of key disciplines, such as our Campaign for Biblical education and Faith Matters.