Overcoming depression with the Truth

By (author)Samany Sedney


It is said before that the truth will set you free. By witness I can explain that the confrontation of the truth is what takes all dark and ugly out! Out of your mind, out of your emotions and eventually your life. Improve your mental ability and your emotional stability by applying truth to yourself.

These poems resemble me applying truth to myself, despite of my circumstances, my performances, my accomplishments or how people may have threaten me. The poems stands for taking courage by acknowledging a current state. They challenge to confess that state as a temporarily condition. They eventually will allow you to stretch out to what is in front, the future.

To overcome is to gain knowledge, so you can improve yourself to a better version of yourself. With this book the intension is to encourage you to take dominion of your season. You can do this by writing your own poems or by singing or by dancing. Whatever is needed for you to exhale out of your oppressing state. Mirror your situation to the truth and discover what it is you have to overcome.

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