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How to thrive not just survive the kingdom way

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In this book you will dive deep into the principles of ‘How To Thrive In Life, The Kingdom Way! You will receive answers to questions like: What exactly does Jesus’ death on the cross mean for me? How can I daily live according to the victorious principles of the Kingdom of Heaven? How can I activate my faith through Biblical Meditation? What is my true identity? How do I prevent negative experiences from the past from influencing my present day? How do I set myself free to walk in my purpose? How do I best use my time so that I can daily live a meaningful life? How do I use Biblical visualization techniques to see my life become what God has meant for it to be?

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Solid fundamental beliefs and understanding how to apply them practically are the absolute keys to having prosperity in your life. When these beliefs are additionally established and anchored in the unshakable Word of God, it will culminate in a life that rises far above mediocrity and heads toward limitlessness. Applying what you learn in this book will take you from “survival mode” straight to a life of prosperity, as the Kingdom intended all along!

In “How to thrive not just survive the kingdom way”, Melanie Kos-Paula reveals five amazing and practical concepts that will teach you how to experience prosperity in every area of your life. You will learn:

  • That the finished work of Christ and having a correct understanding of Biblical truths are essential to success in the believer’s life (My Truth).
  • To transform destructive heart beliefs into a lifestyle of strength and fulfillment using Biblical meditation (My Faith).
  • That forgiveness is the most effective way to free yourself from limiting beliefs caused by negative life experiences or destructive words (My Identity).
  • Acquire provision as the Kingdom intended all along, escaping financial struggles and being set free to discover and fulfill your God-given destiny (My Destiny).
  • Eliminate time-wasters and visualize your destiny so you can take responsibility for your own success and shape the life you love! (My Lifestyle)

This book is addressed to both the believer and the non-believer. It challenges you to become familiar with the awesome and life-changing truths of the Kingdom of Heaven so that you can make a conscious choice whether to follow or reject them. The truths you find in the pages of this book are based on the Bible and will open your eyes to precious truths of the Kingdom of Heaven that you may have never heard of or considered before.

Prepare yourself to be inspired and amazed by what you learn in this book about what it means to prosper, as the Kingdom intended all along!

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