400 Letters from my Mother


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400 Letters from my Mother

An unthinkable nightmare: an innocent man in prison. This is the true story of Joseph Oubelkas. In December 2004 something happened that totally turned the comfortable life of Joseph Oubelkas upside down. Something that apparently can happen to anyone. From a young entrepreneur with a successful own business, he turns into a prisoner in Morocco. Without evidence or investigation, he was sentenced to ten years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Despite obvious errors in the verdict, and the conclusion of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs that no evidence pointed to his involvement; Joseph was still sentenced to prison. Joseph Oubelkas had to be stuck innocently from 2004 to 2009. This experience has had a major impact on him, yet he makes sure that he gets back into his strength. As a speaker, Joseph inspires people with his story. He wrote down his experiences in his book '400 letters from my mother'. Since the publication of this book in 2011, Joseph Oubelkas has been giving lectures and presentations for governments, agencies, schools, universities and the business community at home and abroad. This has allowed him to inspire and motivate tens of thousands of people.

Joseph Oubelkas inspires people with his story!

A performance by Joseph Oubelkas is far from a normal reading. It is a lecture that fascinates and fascinates; a lecture that you have to experience. As a speaker, Joseph regularly gives sessions for the business world, in which ‘inspiration’ and ‘motivation’ are the key words. Joseph uses his experiences to zoom in on mental survival and how essential that is for entrepreneurship, but also for many other aspects of life. How do you deal with difficult situations, how do you make the best of it, where do you put your focus? Themes such as ‘Leadership’, ‘Dealing with change’, ‘Dealing with setbacks’ are addressed. You learn to put things into perspective and you will conclude that you always have a choice!

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400 Letters from my Mother

400 Letters from my Mother