Rights and Licensing

The Galilee rights and licensing teams are part of a global organisation and offer bespoke expertise across a range of publishing and author brands.

This page is for Rights and Licensing requests.

For Film, TV and stage enquiries, please visit this page

For Permissions enquiries, please visit this page.


Galilee Group Rights represents Foreign and Domestic Rights across the company’s seven divisions. One team represents Press, MinistryHouse, Galilee General and GalileeMedia, another represents OlsenGroup Inc., M&S and StL, and the third represents illustrated titles across the seven divisions.

A separate team represents the Galilee Inc. Children’s division, which includes Little light, StL and Galilee imprints.

The Galilee rights teams help our brands go global.  We can help you to expand our books into other markets including:

  • EU rights: publish our books in Europe.
  • US rights: publish our books in the US.
  • Dramatisation rights: turn our books into films, television programs and theatre productions, or find titles for which we hold the rights
  • Serial rights: publish extracts from our titles in newspapers and magazines.
  • Audio rights: license our books for audio recordings and broadcast.
  • Translations: buy rights to translate our EU titles into other languages.

Please note that our Rights teams do not deal with permission requests.

If you would like to reproduce an extract or image/cover from one of our books, use one of our books as a prop, or request permission to photocopy or record a non-dramatic voice reading of the text of a book, please visit our Permissions page.

If you are visually or reading impaired and you require files of a book for accessibility purposes, please visit our Accessibility page for further information.  

Finding the correct rights holders

An author, publisher, organisation or other party may control the rights to a book.

You can see who first published a book, and who owns its copyright, by checking the information on the copyright page at the front of the book. The first publisher of the book is the one you should approach about the rights.

If you don’t have a copy of the book, use the search bar on this website to see who published it.

You can then contact the correct publisher’s rights teams for more information using the contact details below.

Buying rights to whole books

We can help you with US rights, translations, film, serial and audio rights of complete books.

First, check the copyright page on the book in question to find out which publisher holds the rights. You can then contact them for more information.

Galilee international companies

For titles published outside of the UK, please visit the local site:


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