How it all began

Galilee is a media company founded in 1998 by John & Shakila Olsen.

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We exist to connect the world with the words that matter, through books that spark thoughts, dreams, conversations and learning.

Our story

We are part of  Ingram, the world’s leading trade publisher.

We champion the world’s most brilliant voices, bringing them to life in compelling and dynamic ways for audiences everywhere. In addition to books, ebooks and audiobooks, we also play a part in blockbuster films, TV shows, radio, theatre productions, live events and social media.

Our books shape the broader cultural life of our society and inform the national conversation. Our brands – from MinistryHouse to Galilee – accompany people of all ages on their journey of discovery of the greatest stories, the smartest thinking and the best ideas.

Leading one of the most important creative sectors in the world, we are proud of our past and ambitious about our future.

We are Galilee.

Explore our publishing houses

Our nine creatively and editorially independent publishing houses seek out and enable talented people from all walks of life to tell their stories – and make sure they are heard. From bestselling writers and bold illustrators, to big thinkers and political commentators, trailblazing entrepreneurs and wellbeing experts, we are home to some of the world’s most celebrated authors.

Find out more about each of our publishing houses and their authors below.

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